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Along with our affiliate in the US, Five Keys has a unique advantage over competitors in aiding UK based clients with US assets and vice versa. Our very personal, boutique manner of management leads to an unparalleled and tailored level of service for our clientele.

As a multi-family office with many years' experience, we are dedicated to ensuring we unlock the best services available for our clients.

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Family Office

  • Comprehensive oversight of US and UK financial assets, expenses and general accounting
  • Proactive US and UK tax planning and support
  • Entry into top flight banking and wealth management relationships
  • Concierge services, such as assistance with bookings, car services, travel and logistics
  • Investment management advice
  • Legal advice and estate planning through our collaboration with our US and UK legal partners
  • Non-Traditional Asset Management


Five Keys offers a confidential and discrete service to enhance and simplify your life. Providing tailored financial oversight, tax, accounting, investment, and concierge services, we want to be the one relationship that our clients trust in any situation. Unlike other service providers, we are here for you. Our business hours are when you need us. And we stand ready to aid you with any problem that may arise.

Comprehensive Financial Management & Reporting

In order for you to make the best informed and objective decisions, condensed, transparent, and tailored reporting is crucial. We will provide the best compilation of such information to you on a regular basis.

Accounting Services & Tax Planning

Experts in handling complex portfolios, our tax professionals are experts at structuring your life. We will be at the forefront of understanding your tax issues, and providing advice to help you meet your obligations.

Concierge Services

Our team delivers customised lifestyle services to free you up from daily, time-consuming tasks, allowing you more time to focus on pursuing your personal, professional and financial goals.

Banking Management

We will assist with your banking needs by working as an intermediary with you and our trusted partners to make banking, such as loan applications, deposits, and funds transfers as simple and care free as possible.


Through our US registered investment advisor, Five Keys Capital Advisors, we will provide investment opportunities in fixed income, equity, and alternative assets tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Legal Support Services

Through our collaboration with prestigious legal firms in the US and UK, we have the capacity to handle and oversee a significant scope of your legal affairs, both personal and business, as well as crisis management. We often work with multiple generations of family members and, in so doing, establish, maintain and oversee complex family estates and trusts.

Corporate Service Providers

Our experienced team will provide you with corporate secretarial services ensuring that your corporate and trust records are kept at the highest standard of governance. We provide turnkey corporate services covering the life of your family structure, from formation to maintenance of company records and statutory documentation.

Multi-Family Office Operations

We offer a variety of administrative services and logistical support that are essential to the smooth running of a family office.

Non-Traditional Asset Management

We can construct management and custodial arrangements for all types of non-traditional assets, including yachts, aircraft, supercars, horses, artwork, wine and other valuables.  Tax planning will be paramount and we will handle all administrative aspects, including insurance, servicing and maintenance, valuations and sales.

Ran by a family for your family, we are here whenever you need us. The keys to your future are with us, and we look forward to answering your questions.
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About Us

Five Keys UK is a family run business to help in supporting the overall business and opportunities to serve clients in areas of wealth management, tax and accounting.

We collaborate and liaise with an extensive network of service providers around the globe in the fields of banking, fiduciary management, legal matters, custodianship, taxes, real estate, accounting, private equity, and wealth management. This network is being expanded on a continuous basis.


You are invited to contact any one of us now, to see what we can do for you.

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